Time Table

TIME TABLE - 2021-22

Arrw 8:30 Prayer 8:35 Class Nur. Chanchal Class LKG Radha Class UKG Sangita Class Ist . Class IInd Pooja Tyagi Class IIIrd Sapna. Class IVth R.K.Mittal Class Vth Sandeep kumar Class VIth Sunita Class VIIth Ankur Class VIIIth Ritu Rana Class IXth Jyoti Class Xth Sandeep kumar
Pried 1 8:50 Chanchal Radha Sangita Seema ch. Pooja Sunita J Dhyani Ankur JYOTI SAPNA RK Ritu Sandeep
        Eng. Math Eng. Math SST Sanskrit Hindi Eng. Comp
Pried 2 9:30 Chanchal Radha Sangita Seema ch. Sapna Pooja Sunita Sandeep J. Dhyani JYOTI Ankur R.K Ritu Ch
        Comp. EVS Math Eng. Eng. SST Math Hindi     Eng.
Pried 3 10:05 Chanchal Radha Sangita Seema ch. Sunita. Pooja Sapna R.K J. Dhyani Ankur sir jyoti Sandeep JYOTI
        G.K. Eng. Hindi Sanskrit Science Math Eng. Comp. SST
Pried 4 10:40 Chanchal Radha Sangita     Sunita Pooja R.K Sandeep Sapna JYOTI Ritu Ch. J Dhyani Ankur sir J Dhyani
        Math Sanskrit Comp. Hindi ENG Eng. E. Wri. Math Science
INTERWAL   11:15 To 11:40   Departcher time 01:40 
Pried 5 11:40 Chanchal Radha Sangita Seema ch. SAPNA Sunita RITU CH. Pooja R. K. J. Dhyani Sandeep JYOTI Ankur sir
        Hindi Comp. Eng. G.K Hindi Science Comp. SST Math
Pried 6 12:10 Chanchal Radha Sangita Seema ch. Sapna     Sunita R.K. RITU CH Ankur POOJA JYOTI J.Dhyani R.K.
        EVS G.K. EVS ENG Math Hindi SST Science Hindi
Pried 7 12:40 Chanchal Radha Sangita Sapna Sunita Seema Pooja     J. Dhyani Sandeep Ritu R.K. JYOTI Ankur sir
        Writing Hindi G.K Comp Comp. Eng. Gr Sanskrit SST Maths
   Pried 8 01:10 Chanchal Radha Sangita Seema ch. Pooja Sunita Sapna Jyoti. R.K Sandeep J. Dhyani Ankur sir JYOTI
        Eng.GR. Writing Sanskrit   EVS   Sanskrit Comp. Science Maths SST

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